Allied Telesis Academy

Our end-to-end networking solutions, coupled with our portfolio of wired, fiber and wireless products, allow Allied Telesis to deliver networks and of all shapes and sizes to meet the demands of the most stringent educational need.

So much so, that Allied Telesis are now ready to launch the Allied Telesis Academy. The aim of this program is to provide the necessary training to support the relevant skill sets of tomorrow’s network specialist.

The Allied Telesis Academy is a global training program for network and internet technologies providing online teaching materials and support tools for training in network technologies. These training materials are specifically aimed at teachers and students.

Allied Telesis has developed the teaching program based on a theoretical and practical foundation, using case studies and validation of teaching outcomes. It covers networks and the internet in general, and is not devoted solely to Allied Telesis products. Nourished by our experience with Major accounts from large companies and operators, it is practical in design, for students who will be our future experts, and for the company's own needs.

This program aims to teach students to design, install and maintain network solutions, as well as enabling teachers to further develop and update their own knowledge of networking.


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